The Start of Something Wonderful.

I can't believe we have been in business 8 months already.

I told my hubby about this little idea of mine a little over 6 years ago. (Of course, he hated it.) Well, maybe not hate, but he had a million and one questions, that I didn’t want to answer. From profit, all the way down to storage- why couldn’t he just let me live my life? Amiright? I would obsess about it. I’d tell him about an idea, he’d shoot it down, and I’d let it go for a couple of months, and then bring it up again. Nada.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My husband is the most supportive human on this planet, and I love him dearly. He was just not seeing the big picture with me and didn’t want to take the risk. Which, I respect, but didn’t let go. (Does anyone else do that? No? Just me? Cool.)

Let’s fast forward a few years- and one sweet little angel later. Last summer was one for the books- and probably a whole separate blog post. Any who, I left my full-time job to be a mama, wife, and travel around the country for my husband’s job, as a family. (It’s not as glamorous as it sounds- we travel in a camper, but still pretty cool nonetheless. 😉

(Our first official "life on the road" family photo.)

As I sit there one day (trying to adjust to this new lifestyle), waiting for my husband to get home from work, I present this idea of mine one more time, in a text message. My jaw about hit the floor when he finally said “Okay, do it.” I did a tiny little happy dance, and I immediately registered my business. I didn’t look back once. Luckily, with my years of planning, and daydreaming I had done enough ground work to get the ball rolling.

Now, here I sit. Designing our website and typing up our very first blog post. It brings tears to my eyes how far we have come, and how BIG our future is. I am so thankful for this community we have created, and I can’t wait to continue to make memories with you all!

Thank you for being here with us! It means so much. I hope you'll stick around. The best is yet to come.




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  • Carol Kerner

    So proud of all you have accomplished so far; I’m sure this is indeed the start of something wonderful!!

  • Lisa Hopp

    I have watched you live your dream this past year and am beyond excited to see what the future holds for you and the proudest mama on the planet! Love you😘

  • Aimee

    Super cute store super proud of you! Ladies of the world appreciate having places like yours to buy real clothes for real humans 🖤

  • Briana King

    Website looks great! I could see your hubbys concern but I’m so happy he agreed because I love this boutique!

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