Now, I enjoy a PSL just as much as the next girl, but it isn’t my favorite thing about fall. My favorite is walking out of my back door, with that crisp air hitting my scarf covered face, and stumbling to my car because my riding boot caught the ground funny. (I’m clumsy, what can I say!)

Are you catching my drift? The fashion, duh. Fall fashion, is the best fashion. (IMO 😉) Which is why I am coming to you today, to talk about our (Boutique)  5 Favorite Fall Trends.

  1. The Blanket Scarf- Is it a blanket? Is it a scarf? I don’t know, just wrap it up and give it to me. They are cozy and can transform an outfit just like that. Stay tuned for a scarf tying tutorial! 

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  1. Boots-What kind? Any kind. This fall OTK (over the knee) are still trending, however you can’t go wrong with any boot. Cowboy, booties, riding, the list goes on, and I want them all.
  1. Flannels- The 90’s called, and I’m stoked. Flannels are a staple. Pair it with a graphic tee, a tank, or tie it around your waist. They are here to stay.

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  1. Oversized sweaters-Oversized has been the trend for awhile now, and I ain’t mad about it. They are so cozy, and they will totally hide your flaws. (Like my mom pooch.)
  1. Dark Colors-Mauves, Maroons, Mustards and Olives. Dark colors are everywhere. Maybe it’s to match the outdoors, maybe it’s to hide that pumpkin spiced latte you just spilled, I’m not sure, but I love dark colors, and I LOVE FALL.

Now, these are OUR favorites. Trends you will see in our boutique, and easy pieces to put together! I hope that you like them, and can grab some inspo for your own closet.




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